ABA Therapy

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behaviour Analysis is a systematic method of addressing and modifying behaviour. Applied Behaviour Analysis is not a therapy in itself, but a theory and method using a set of principles .The theory identifies various teaching techniques which generally involve breaking down complex skills or behaviours into smaller steps teaching them through the use of clear instructions, rewards, repetition and reinforcement in order to increase the desired behaviour.

Key components of ABA are:

• Studying behaviour via observation with regard to intensity, frequency and the environment in which it is produced.

• Breaking down the steps involved in producing a desired behaviour

• Teaching these steps one at a time by approximation and acquisition over time.

• Allowing repeated practice using reward or reinforcement

• Observing changes in behaviour and systematically refining the behaviour to reach the desired behaviour.


What is ABA used for?

• To teach new skills.

• To increase desired behaviour.

• To reduce inappropriate behaviours, (modification of child’s environment, redirecting the child to a more appropriate activity, redirecting to a functional activity.)

• Generalisation of new skills in various environments to ensure behaviour is transferred and maintained

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