About Us

“And just like that everything was suddenly different”


WELCOME TO OUR 7 Busy Monkeys family.

We are two mothers that have walked a path in the ASD world, so after nearly 20 years of friendship and many coffees discussing survival strategies, we decided our passion and need to help others was a great place to start.

so here we are. 7 Busy Monkeys

We have created a business to support families in their ASD journey.

7 Busy Monkeys represents the 7 children we have been blessed with.

Busy Monkeys represents the individual challenges that we can face with our cheeky active and unique children.

It is our wish to bring families the support they need to unscramble the puzzle pieces at a time when things can feel out of control and overwhelming.

We offer many services to individual families.

The programs we offer are individually accessed to each child needs.

Let us help you and your family.

For any further information please contact us Karen and Melanie on 0407635678.