Melanie: Being a mother is learning about the strengths

“Being a mother is learning about the strengths you didn’t know you had and the fears you didn’t know existed.” Linda Wooten

There are many challenges in a parents journey but one of my biggest was learning that my daughter had a disability.

I had this little girl that needed me to help her to understand this world that she was struggling in.

How could I….. I had never even heard of the word Aspergers, let alone spell it or even know what it meant….. dyslexia and memory association disorder is what I was told. All I knew is that I had a child that to me wasn’t very cuddly, didn’t follow instructions, didn’t listen, didn’t like textures, foods, took everything literately and played alongside her big brother.(I was failing as her mother). There were other signs school work spelling in particular. How was I going to parent this child, do the best for her? I stumbled around for information and at that time most of the information available only gave techniques for boys. I was lucky enough to be sent books from USA on girls and Aspergers…. This was a great start and at least I felt proactive…. There have been many hurdles rights and wrongs along the way and defiantly plenty of gambles in decisions made for her and with her but with all that comes a reward unimaginable to me at the beginning……

My daughter was 6 years old when she was diagnosed she is now 18 years old….. I have an amazing young woman who is studying, came top of her diploma class and is going on to University.

It has been tough and we have many days where things still are…. Navigating life through teenage eyes…. Trying to still learn the ongoing techniques of empathy and compassion to not judge others because they make different choices and often don’t follow rules. We laugh a lot we cry some but we face all our challenges together and know the journey is ours.

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