The Listening Program

Looking to improve your learning focus, listening and communication

The Listening Program is your answer

Your Brain is Musical

Neuroscience has proven through functional brain imaging music engages more brain areas than anything else.

What is the listening program

The Listening program (TLP) is a music listening method, which is personalized to improve brain function at any age or level of ability. It provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school work and life.

The Listening Program is a home based therapy that is a safe, effective, drug-free approach that helps improve the brain function, reduce stress, and train the brain in the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate

The Listening Program is not like any music you’ve heard before. It’s more than music that works; to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health. And more than 20 independent studies validate its benefits. It is used and trusted by hundreds and thousands of people in over 35 countries.


Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing is ‘what the brain does with what it hears.  Click here to read more about Auditory Skill Definitions

Do you or your child have trouble with the following?

· Difficulty listening and paying attention?

· Misunderstand spoken information?

· Display poor sequencing of auditory information (e.g. next, before)?

· Get easily distracted by background noise

· Find some sounds uncomfortable or painful?

· Have trouble identifying similarities and/or differences in sounds?

· Struggle to perceive high frequency sounds in speech (e.g. t, k, p, th, sh

· Confusion with distinguishing & producing similar sounds (e.g. ‘da’ and ‘ba’)

· Trouble remembering & understanding things they have been told?

· Academic difficulties in language-based activities?

· Misunderstands spoken information, directions or questions

· Have poor reading skills?

· Have some problematic behaviour?

Other key Indicators of AP difficulties:

· Chronic fluid,

· Repeated grommets

· academic underachievement

· weakness in receptive language skills when undertaking psychological and language tests

· Low Verbal IQ

· Difficulty following instructions

· Behaviour typical of peripheral hearing loss despite normal hearing

· Diagnosis of other disorders related to auditory processing impairment: ASD, ADHD, learning disorders, dyslexia, dyspraxia etc.

Brain Plasticity is well researched and growing at a rapid rate. We know that if we provide the right stimulation with the right frequency intensity and duration we will create changes within the brain.


Proven Fusion of Art & Science

A–accommodations B–training C–integration

TLP’s ABC Modular Design

The Listening program’s proprietary ABC Modular Design TM guides the listener through multiple levels of sound training each session, enabling you to effectively exercise your brain with the provided “warm-up”, workout” and “cool-down” integration music phases.

The listening Program is not like any music you’ve heard before. It’s more than music, its music that works; to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

All TLP music has been painstakingly recorded and engineered with world-class musicians including the award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble under the musical direction of Richard Lawrence, composer and master ethno-percussionist Nacho Arimany, among others.

Using the highest audio quality recording technology (high Definition sound) and advanced brain

neuroacoustic techniques, TLP music is acoustically modified to train the brain; strengthening

neurological pathways to improve your ability t earn, communicate and process information.


Who can benefit?

TLP can benefit almost anyone, and applications are wide ranging, from rehabilitation, to wellness and peak performance; in settings ranging from schools, hospitals, therapy clinics, and assisted living facilities.

Listener Groups

· Communication : listening, language, voice,speech, and communication skills

· Learning: attention,scholastic and study skills

· Intervention: therapeutic, rehabilitative,neurodevelopmental,and sensory needs

· Wellness:healthy life balance of mind,body emotion and spirit

· Performance: achieving higher states of physcial,mental,muscial,and creative ability

The listening Program offers music listening trainng adapted to the needs of eaach indvidual. This personalization begins with identifying your listner group, the category that best describes your reason for using the TLP at this point in time. The answer will help you and the provider selet the TLP product best suited to your needs.


Fequency zones

You are touched by sound vibrations at every moment. Certain sounds, provided in the right context, can organize your neural activity, support your health, balance emotions, bring calm, and provide energy to carry you throughout your day.

If you think somebody in your home may benefit from TLP or your school could provide this,, please don’t hesitate to call me on 0437690211 or visit our website and I will contact you with 1 business day with a free consultation..

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Experience you can trust

Advanced Brain technologies has been a brain performance pioneer since 1998, appling more than 75 years of clinical experience . The founder Alex Doman and his family who are leaders in the field of human brain development use TLP programs, proven clinically effective, and developed by a global team of scientists, therapists, engineers, technologists and muscians combining advances in neuroscience, psychology,music effects and psychoacoustics.


What to expect

The Listening Program R can improve the brain performance with real, lasting changes helping you to enjoy a better life.

Listening fits easily into your daily routine. It becomes a healthy habit, something you do as effortlessly as eating breakfast, but with changing benifits; reduce stress, improve focus, self-regulation, learning, memory, sleep and more.

I will be there every step of the way to serve you as a coach. I’ll provide consultation including program and equipment selection, establish your listening schedule adjustment with your valued feedback and provide tips and tools to ensure your.


Why screen auditory and visual processing skills? (PDF 651KB)

TAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills)


For any further information please contact us Karen and Melanie on 0407635678.