The Sonday System

Why the Sonday program

Did you know?

· Children who fall behind in first grade have 1 in 8 chance of ever catching up to grade level without the extraordinary effort.(quoted by Learning to Read and Write in Elementary School Juel,1994)

· 74% of children who are poor readers in the third grade remain poor readers in ninth grade

The Sonday program is a multisensory-simultaneously-visual-auditory/kinaesthetic/Tactile. This is the characteristic that distinguishes OG from phonics programs as well as some of the OG based programs. Every part of the OG lesson utilizes multisensory procedures for inputting and reinforcing or reviewing information-card drill, decoding words, spelling, introduction of the concepts, and dictation of sentences, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. All of these procedures are neurologically sound.

OG = Orton-Gillingham

is an instructional approach intended primarily for use with individuals who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing of the sort associated with dyslexia.

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· OG is phonetic/alphabetic/morphemic/syntactic/semantic.

· OG is linguistically sound

· OG is neurologically sound

· OG is based on best teaching practice and principles

· OG is not a program it is a approach

· OF is flexible

· OG is emotionally sound

· OG is structures ,sequential, cumulative and repetitive

· OG is a vehicle for integrating thinking skills, vocabulary development. writing skills, and content subjects

· OG is efficient

· OG makes connections between reading ,spelling ,writing and oral language

· OG is a powerful instructional approach for teaching reading and spelling

· OG is financially or fiscally sound.?

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